Mothers Rising Together Presented by Micheline Green M. Ed

Why Mothers Rising Together

Having Whole and Happy Kids Starts with Us – Mothers

Be the change.

Connection is at the Core for you and your children.


At Mothers Rising Together, we are waking up! We know in our heart of hearts that the way we currently are Mothering does not always feel good to our souls. Our children are challenging us and they are pushing our limits. They are demonstrating they are feeling lost, sad, alone, angry and we are feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and exhausted. We are realizing that there has to BE a better way!

At Mothers Rising Together, we are growing up!  We know the way we are doing it now; it can feel inadequate. So we are growing up our skills, recognizing we must practice new behaviors, patterns and habits. We are growing up our skills to role model the essential life skills and values we want for our children.

At Mothers Rising Together, we are cleaning up!  We all get stuck, parenting with what we currently have to work with. Our S.H.I.T (Stress, Habits, Irritations and Triggers), however, can pile up over the years and it weighs us down. Before you know it, we are carrying 20, 30,40 years of patterns that no longer serve us.



Does this sound familiar?

You walk through your day with your plate far too full.

You are barely keeping up. You are numbing out.

You are being the rock to meet everyone else’s needs and emotions.




At Mothers Rising Together, we come together and break through your current parenting beliefs and models that are holding you back, keeping you from your wholeness.

We are placing a PAUSE in our week, to gather, to learn, to share, to grow, to expand, to create the new way you want to be parenting.

We connect at the core, with yourself and each other and practice and model how to BE the change you want to see in the world.


Are you feeling?

That you are doing the best you can and yet you cannot help but feel guilty: 

guilty for working too much,

guilty for not working enough,

guilty for not feeling closer,

guilty for yelling,

guilty for wanting more…

When you “should” feel grateful for what you have!


Enough is Enough Mom!

Your guilt is driving you and your reactions to your children!

Time to connect with this guilt, understand its underlying motivations, learn the skills to harness and handle it with compassion.

Mom, you know in your heart, that something has got to change!

At Mothers Rising Together, we are changing ourselves!

Learn to Connect at the Core, with one small simple step at a time and you create the change you want for yourself, your kids and this world!

This is what it means to BE THE CHANGE. To be the one.



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How to Connect with Your Kids
even when they are at their worst

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