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Women Rising Retreats


Women Rising Retreats


Women Rising Retreats are created for YOU!!

This is the place to begin – if you are feeling stuck in a hamster wheel, alone, overwhelmed or confused by the direction your life is turning out. Connect with other women who are also longing for some REAL conversation. Connect with yourself, who longs to feel INSPIRED AND HOPEFUL.  Connect with the future, for you are the creator and ALL OF YOU is needed!!

You are worth it. You are needed. You belong.

Join the Women Rising Retreat and walk away with clear steps and support to move forward in your ongoing practice. Create shifts in your life towards what your heart desires. Find your inner balance, connect with your courage, and lead your life with authenticity, trust and support.

You are worth it! You have given yourself to your kids, your spouse, your job, your community, it is now time to give to you without guilt hanging over you. It is time to invest in you!

You are needed! You have a deeper calling, a passion, that is wanting to be offered to this world and your desire married with your energy and action is needed to make it happen!

You belong! There are so many women waking up across this planet and it is our time to come together and begin to form the bonds needed to create the big shifts and create the future you are wanting!


Micheline Green, and Integral Master Coach™, Certified Feminine Power Coach and professionally certified through the International Coaching Federation is a powerful and dynamic presenter. She is down to earth, real and practical as she walks you through a weekend that wakes you up and reenergizes your heart!

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“I love what I offer! I know personally how potent & powerful it is from the many amazing shifts in my life. I am a teacher and a student of this work, and I know how your heart longs for more. We can do this together! To be real, authentic, courageous, and to lead your life from your heart’s desire. We must be the change!”

~Micheline Green


Women Rising Retreats

Summer 2018

May 4th-May 6th

Sutton, Quebec

Relax and enjoy the comforts of the warm and cozy Sutton Haven Inn

YES! Save my spot!

Early Bird Special: $595 CAN until March 1st, 2018

Includes meals, and accommodations for 2 nights

Full Price: $795 CAN after March 1st, 2018

Souris, Manitoba

(dates and location to be announced)

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

(dates and location to be announced)

Williams Lake, British Columbia

(dates and location to be announced)


What Past Participants Have to Say…

“I want all women to experience a weekend like this. The connections that were made among the women was incredible. For me it was life changing. I feel so grateful and blessed to have experienced it!” ~Courtney J.

“This retreat was uplifting in so many ways! The opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and to see with a whole new perspective that changed my life. It was breath taking, eye opening, deep and refreshing!” ~Sara G.

“This was an unexpected beautiful journey that help me to feel alive again! I am deeply grateful and honored, I feel empowered and recharged. It is a must for any women needing to feel alive again!” ~ Suzanne W.

“This was a safe place to come and learn to be empowered-to meet new strong beautiful women who I discovered are so much like me! I see life in a whole new light. It was life changing, eye opening, inspirational and I am deeply grateful.” ~Nicole B.

“I was blessed to find connections, support and unconditional love with women from different cultures, communities and stages of life. This was an inspiring, fulfilling weekend and I am so excited for continuous growth!” ~ Tara M.

“This weekend was a beginning for the most important ‘work’ of my life. It was powerful, humbling, liberating, and exciting!” ~ A.W.

“This was an accepting safe environment that Micheline created. It was awesome, fun at some times difficult, but really safe. The connections we made together with all the women here was pretty awesome.” ~ Corrina T.

“You are worth it! You have to make this time for you! Connecting with like minded women, it was rejuvenating, releasing and re affirming and the best part was learning about me! You will love this!” ~Lorraine M. (55 yrs.)

“This was an unexpected much needed awakening, deeply fulfilling and amazing! This was life changing that is hard to describe it, you just have to experience it. Put yourself first and just do it! ~ Stacy F.

“The best part of the weekend was being able to talk aloud about some of my big feelings. It was inspiring, eye opening and being surrounded by nature just added to the great experience.” ~N. R (19 yrs)

“The heartfelt and masterful support from Micheline, the empowerment from a group of women, the genuine safety provided, this was such an inspiring weekend!”~Elizabeth D.

“Realizing the connectivity of us all, through bearing witness to our strength and vulnerability. I said YES to myself and experienced freeing of myself and embraced the mystery that life has to offer. Beyond words!” ~Laura W.



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