Mothers Rising Together Presented by Micheline Green M. Ed

Private Coaching



Working with Micheline privately offers you a partner who is expressly there to guide, support and to light the way through the murky parts of yourself. It is a connection like none you have ever had.

This is for anyone who is deeply committed to your personal development and expressly understands the value of a Coaching Partnership. Micheline is trained in many modalities and theories, but it is her training as an Integral Master Coach™ that sets her above and beyond what many Coaches offer. The Integral Coaching Canada® methodology is backed by a very comprehensive and rigorous training and Micheline offers it with simplicity, ease, grace, and deep compassion for your personal sacred journey.

The topic of your choosing to focus attention for a minimum commitment of six months is the subtle point of your life that really has been holding you back, from your kids, from your calling, from your joy, from yourself?! The refinement of this topic through the skilled questioning of Micheline offers you a whole and complete pebble to drop into the waters of your life that provide ripple effects throughout every aspect of your life. You will be changed. And this change will last.

Bi-monthly Skype or phone meetings, or in person (if available) are the structure that build upon the custom Integral Coaching program, with specific developmental objectives to monitor growth and development.

Practices are co-designed with you, from your Integral Coaching program as well as all the data you will be collecting about yourself in your life, the genuine juicy tidbits you bring to each Coaching conversation. Through Micheline’s Mastery she hears your patterns, sees your behaviors, checks your threads and weaves it back to you with genuine care and compassion for you to clearly see.  It is this data, that allows you to see yourself in a whole new way and provides you with a wider more conscious perspective to choose something new thus creating the change!

If this Coaching Partnership is what you desire, please contact Micheline to set up an initial complimentary conversation to explore your curiosities further.