Mothers Rising Together Presented by Micheline Green M. Ed

Getting Started

Are you ready to shift your S.H.I.T?

If so, you are taking the mighty first steps to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in this World!


By actively engaging in Mothers Rising Together you are saying Enough is ENOUGH, it is time to shift my patterns that keep me, my kids and my family stuck! And by doing so, you are creating the Calm, Confident, Conscious and Connected Mother you want to BE!

By saying YES you are joining together with other Mothers, from around the world, that stand with each other on their Mothering journey.

Mothers Rising Together is a judgment free zone!! Together we learn, we share,  we practice and we shift!

We offer the conscious connection in a safe environment to be deeply honest, authentic, raw and real.


What is your S.H.I.T.?

What are your Stresses, Habits, Irritations and Triggers?

We all got our S.H.I.T and it holds us back.

We have to see the S.H.I.T to understand it, to shift it and to practice something new.

This is the process of becoming more conscious.



Mothers Rising Together


Connection is at the Core Roadmap

A 7 week System to Shift Your S.H.I.T


Be a Calm, Conscious and Connected Mother!



Register Now – $297
To begin to download right away!


Within this 7-week system, together, we share new perspectives, challenge old beliefs and the status quo of our culture, we listen deeply, practice new skills, laugh at ourselves, honor each other and offer the space for each Mother to shift their S.H.I.T! This journey will guide you into the calm, confident, conscious and connected Mother who is a powerful force for creating the future you want!

It is possible! You are worth it! The shifts are remarkable for both you and your kids!

Here is what is included:

  • 60 minute teaching call each week, recordings available immediately
  • Pdf handout for each week with visuals, reminders, and lessons
  • Small simple practices each week, guided meditations, poetry, journal writing exercises
  • Email support


Register Now – $297
And begin right away!



Takeaways from the 7-week system to Shift Your S.H.I.T:

  • EMPOWER YOURSELF: Connect with your playful self. Your true essence is lighthearted and joy filled. Release the weight of worries and be silly! You will feel the freedom to play!
  • CREATE POWERFUL PRESENCE: Connect with your kids in a grounded and centered way. Nourish them with your love and hold the secure space for them to shine.  You create the environment for your seeds to flourish!
  • TRUST YOUR INTUITION: Connect with others for learning and growth. You have powerful wisdom within, connect to this knowledge and desire by learning from and with each other. Mothers are creating the future.  Trust in what we all, collectively, want to create!  We are all in this together.

And Most of all…

  • Shift your feelings of being all alone,  guilt, and anxiousness!
  • Shift your feelings of reactive anger, upset and and needing to control!
  • Experience yourself as calm, confident, connected and conscious in every moment!

Mothers Rising Together is a unique community dedicated to supporting Mothers who are ready to say Enough is Enough! The time is now to change things, to turn inward and reconnect to yourself, all of you, all of your yummy powerful kick ass goodness that wants to change the world!


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first step: To place the pause in your life and make yourself a priority! Because all you do now will only continue to drain you if you do not learn the skills to honor yourself, trust your wisdom and to become more fully present. With these new skills, your very busy life will actually offer you more time and you will feel more connected to your kids. All calls are recorded so you can listen to them driving, while walking, while making dinner or folding laundry. You can make it work for you. So the choice is your, do you make the time, 90 minutes per week, or do you continue with the same.
The safety of the group, the connections that are formed with the other Mothers, the incredible learning and relaxed state you feel after each call you will be so looking forward to the next call. The constant and consistent connection each week will support you to show up for yourself! Mothers Rising Together is about you and the other Mothers in the group, you each lift one another up, and when someone is missing it is felt among the group. We are here to fully support you. Any added support you need, just ask.
This system is not really a "parenting" course it is more of a system of support for you in your role as a Mother. The skills and tools you learn in this course has a profound effect on all areas of your life and thus all your relationships will feel the effects. It is so worth it, to learn the patterns you are repeating with your husband/partner and to learn how to change it once and for all. I highly recommend it!
Safety is at the root of this group, and connection at the core and we all hold that integrity together. It is one of the shared values that we specifically address at the onset of the group. Yes, some women’s groups can have a competitive, catty and sometimes covert manipulation that has historically been an aspect of women’s in groups. This group is created with the intention that women want to come together in the spirit of cooperative, compassion and care to uplift one another and not to tear each other down. It is a model for what we all want to see more of in the world!
Money is a constant thorn in most everyone’s lives that keeps you stuck. We automatically go to that default place of “I cannot afford it”. This is one of the very powerful ways that you keep yourself trapped in your stuckness. As Moms, we put everyone else’s needs before our own and will pay for our kids to take all sorts of activities, but when it comes to your own growth and development, which will directly impact your children’s emotional health and well-being, we say no. You are worth it! It is for your kids! And it is for the health of your family! The question is what is the cost if you do not get the support you need? *Trade is always an option. If you feel your money situation truly has no space for this course and yet you feel the strong desire to participate, please email me and we can talk about alternative ways to exchange!
If you are in the midst of a crisis, I do understand that maybe you do need something more hands on, with perhaps a mental health therapist. If you feel this may be the case, email me at and we can talk it through. Intense stress can put your nervous systems into overdrive. Having the consistent, constant connection each week with other Mothers will offer you a starting point to begin to take that 90 minutes per week to allow your nervous system to calm. Each week guided meditations are offered and you can re-listen to them each day through the recordings to fully support you to find a calm and relaxed state.
I have often felt that my values are not matched by people around me. I have always sought out alternative communities; Waldorf schools, Montessori schools, homeschooling groups etc to see if I could find others with like-minded values. Often I would, but what I have learned is that my values have to be at the forefront of all my relationships and I cannot hide them away. And when I gained the confidence to do so, I realized lots of others had been hiding their values away and there were many more Mothers who had similar values. This is one of the significant reasons I created this course!




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