Mothers Rising Together Presented by Micheline Green M. Ed

Connect with Confidence


What is your S.H.I.T.?

What are your Stresses, Habits, Irritations and Triggers?

Connection is at the Core Roadmap

A 7 week System to Shift your S.H.I.T !

You will be able to step back from this S.H.I.T and recognize how it is holding you back to BE the Conscious, Calm and Connected Mother you want to BE!

We all got our S.H.I.T and it is holding us all back, in some way. We have to see the S.H.I.T, to understand it, to shift it and to practice something new. This is the process of becoming more conscious.

Connecting to this 7-week Connection is at the Core Roadmap, you will  see new perspectives, challenge your old beliefs and the status quo, listen more deeply, practice new skills, laugh at yourself, honor yourself and others and offer the space for you to shift your S.H.I.T! You will, laugh, cry, honor and be fully supported in this shared space together. This is a journey to guide you into the calm, confident, conscious and connected Mother who is a powerful force for creating the future!


sulky angry young girl child, sulking and pouting,

How to Connect with Your Kids
even when they are at their worst

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