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6 Months Support


Are you ready?

The time is NOW!

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Six Months of Support: A Coaching Container for Change!

Are you ready for BIG change for yourself, your kids and the future you are creating……then this next level of SUPPORT is for YOU!!

 Are you ready to up level who you are being,  as a Mother, a leader, a partner,  an organizer, a volunteer?

Are you ready to breakout of whatever is holding you back from living your truest potential?

Are you ready to step into a much more authentic life, living with more passion, conviction, grace, power and clarity of direction?

  Then this is for you! 

 SIX MONTHS OF SUPPORT IS A COACHING CONTAINER FOR CHANGE! Whatever kind of change you want and need!!

Struggling in a constant pattern with your teen? In the midst of a divorce?  Wanting to work from home? Wanting to be a leader in your community? Want to mentor the next generation of young women?  What to speak up and be heard? Wanting to be the best Mom you can be?

This is it!

This is the place for authentic, real, inspiring powerful process of change!


This course is valued at well over $5000.

All of the teachings are tried, tested and true!

You will receive exactly what you need. The support is unparalleled and the impact will ripple throughout your life.

There are  only 10  spots available!

Next start date:

May 30th, 2017

 Full Payment of $1997    6 Payments of $357


  • You will be held in a safe, sacred, non judgmental space!
  • You will develop whole new level of self awareness that allows you to really see you!
  • You will be inspired to grow and expand!
  • You will be motivated to care for YOU!
  • You will have more energy!
  • You will embrace all of you, the dark and the light!
  • You will know yourself in a way you have never known yourself!
  • You will have new skills to face any of life’s challenges!
  • You will have deeper capacities to step out into leadership in a whole new way!
  • You will have a group of women who will stand with you and for you in ways you never knew possible!
  • You will have life long friends and partners to support you moving forward with your goals, direction, purpose!

So here is the thing, every skill you learn for being the best Mother, are the exact same skills you need to be the best Leader. If Mother Earth if our guide to be a grounded, rooted, skillful, embracing Mother,  then that is what is needed to step out into your community and lead in a more impactful way!

Here are the nuts and bolts: 

 6 x  One on One Private Coaching calls with Micheline, One per Month (value $1800)

Set your direction, get clarity, name your goals, hold you accountable, consistent commitment to yourself, uncover deeper layers of stuckness and S.H.I.T that shows up! Identify the new skills needed, and put them into practice right away.

18 x Live Group Coaching Calls,  3 per Month (value $1800)

  • Designed to deepen your skills for listening and inquiry.
  • Practice into deeper layers of authenticity and vulnerability.
  • Being Coached through whatever challenge you are faced with in the moment.
  • Connecting into deeper layers of spiritual capacity of universal oneness.
  • Everyone learns from each other through these calls, for each woman can relate to the experience of the one sharing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If it lives in one of us,  it lives in all of us!
  • All calls are recorded to download and listen to, as you wish.

Monthly Teaching Themes synthesized embodied learnings from leading edge evolutionary practitioners (value $1500)

Month One:  Reclaiming You-Your power, brilliance and energy! 

  • The world is your mirror begin to see your reflection
  • Staring at your shadow and liking what you see
  • Connecting to your body, it is your barometer

Month Two: Heart Coherence-Your capacity to be all in with grace and ease!

  • Owning your feelings by going all in and through
  • Deepening your beat by dropping all the way down
  • Widening your capacity and holding all perspectives

Month Three: Mature Empathy-How to hold your center through the chaos!

  • What is yours and what is theirs?
  • Accepting what is
  • Stop the resistance and expand your unconditional love

Month Four: Assertiveness-Finding your voice and making it heard!

  • Using less words and being more direct
  • Holding the boundaries
  • Feeling your sense of worth and knowing you matter

Month Five:  Deeper Layers of Trust and Faith-What can you depend on!

  • Connecting to something greater
  • Identifying your inherent wisdom
  • Knowing what you are capable of

Month Six: Simplicity- How to start small, live simple,  go slow and show up!

  • Less is more and how to adjust for it
  • Time is your friend not your foe
  • Step into your life, your calling, your vocation is a BIG way!

Monthly Practices to grow into your embodied change: (value $1200)

  • Designed for you to build new habits and patterns in your daily life.
  • Build your own consistent foundational practices that support you.

Small intimate group  of powerful women, who are seeking, willing, and wanting change: (value PRICELESS)

  • Supportive space
  • Standing for one another
  • Consistently showing up
  • Seeing an holding the magnificence in each other
  • Amazing power and energy unleashed when women come together!





Mothering is a journey inward, to know yourself and to show yourself with ongoing consistent and committed practice outward. You will grow and expand your capacity for love, presence, faith and trust. You will release the worry, the anxiety, the overwhelm and the guilt. You will experience the power of consistent, connected, conscious being-ness that is what you have been longing for!

Over the next Six months! Yes, six months, real change takes time.  Think about how long it took to create the habits you are stuck in, the repeating thought patterns, the auto pilot behaviors, the ongoing feelings that can take you down and out, the patterns you have created with your kids… yes, six months to create the change you want and need!

This is a journey of self discovery and a call to step into your true authentic power to change the world. Because we all know: 


And this Six Months of Support: A Coaching Container for Change teaches you HOW.


This course is valued at well over $5000!

All of the teachings are tried, tested and true!

You will receive exactly what you need. The support is unparalleled and the impact will ripple throughout your life.

There are  only 10  spots available!

Next start date:

May 30th, 2017

 Full Payment of $1997    6 Payments of $357