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Read how Moms in the Mothers Rising Together community have created change for themselves and their children!

“It was the best decision I could make to take this course! I now have many more choices available to me and I understand so much more about how and why I react and I can choose a different way”

Raphaela C.

Project Manager & Mother of 2 - Berlin, Germany

“I have developed so much more trust in my relationship to myself, with my kids and my husband and I feel like I can slow down and enjoy so much more!”


Physical Therapist & Mother of 2 - 
British Columbia, Canada

“Before this course, I was feeling overwhelmed, just rushing about and losing my patience. This course is a GIFT to YOURSELF! I have so much more confidence, knowing how to care for me, a shift in my priorities, I have increased awareness in what is “driving” me, and I have a whole new acceptance for who I am!”


Stacie O.

Speech Therapist & Mother of 3 - Florida, USA

“For me this course was life-changing! I have begun to heal and gain confidence in the decisions I make which has led to positive changes with my daughters. I realize I am not alone and I feel more grounded and centered. And the added bonus is I lost weight!!”


Richelle R.

Teacher & Mother of 2 - Brisbane, Australia

“Now I LOVE being with my kids. We are all so much more relaxed, I worry a lot less, and I have fun and am silly with them. Coaching with Micheline has been so incredibly helpful for me as a person and for my whole family.”

Zoila L.

Teacher & Mother of 3 - California, USA

“My life was chaotic and kind of out of control. Then taking Micheline’s course I now know and can change  how my emotions are effecting my kids. My kids and I connect more easily, they trust me more and we are all a lot happier. I am so thankful!”


Shannon S.

Teacher & Mother of 4 - Arizona, USA

“Before this course I was feeling totally unsettled in myself. This course gave me the tools and I now have much more awareness, most especially on me being kinder toward myself. I felt totally supported throughout this course. Micheline went beyond what I expected!”


Mother of 3 - New Zealand

“WOW!! This course completely changed my life in only 7 little weeks.  I was feeling really guilty about being frustrated with my kids and not being present! I have way more patience and even my relationship with my husband has improved! Micheline is a Master Coach who goes above and beyond to support the Mothers in this intimate group from around the world. ”

Jessica G.

Yoga Instructor, Doula & Mother of 2 - Florida, USA

“I needed to do something different because what I was doing was not working. I am so much more conscious now, so much more aware of myself! I am able to really be with my kids. This course taught me to slow down, to totally connect with my kids, and I now am the role model that I want my kids to be!”

Val T.

Director & Mother of 2 - Arizona, USA

“I was yelling a lot at my children and I wanted it to stop. This course came to me at the exact right moment when I was really needing to make change.  I learned to stay present in the moment, and even truly enjoy each moment. The presence of other mothers in the course was very powerful for me.  It was safe, non-judgmental and very supportive.”


Natural Food Store Owner & Mother of 2 - British Columbia, Canada

“I love the power of freedom and adventure this course has given me. I love the power in saying “no” and the deepness of the relationship that I have with my children now. It’s SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!”

Courtney S.

Stay at home mom & Mother of 2 - Arizona, USA

“My life was at a point of exhaustion and burnout. My three teenage daughters and I were struggling with disconnection, depression and despair before I worked with Micheline. Many profound changes happened during the course. I feel so much lighter and free now. My daughters are so thankful too I went to see Micheline.”

Rhonda V.

Business Executive & Mother of 3 - Arizona, USA

“This was a really powerful course! I saw changes that I was not really expecting!  Being a new mother, I was feeling disorganized and consumed with all the responsibilities. Since taking the course I am more patient, I am taking better care of myself, and now understand about connecting with my essential self.”

Regina C.

Therapist & Mother of 2 - Georgia, USA

“I knew that I wanted to change some of my behavior patterns but I wasn’t sure how to break through. Micheline gave me powerful tools to help change my old, stagnant behaviors. I am able to move forward in reacting, thinking, and making choices in life. I highly recommend Micheline to any Mother who is ready to get past her fears and accomplish her greatness in LIFE!”

Teresa P.

Yoga Studio Owner & Mother of 3 - Arizona, USA

“When I sought out Micheline for private coaching, I thought I was broken in some way. She was warm, peaceful, loving, and funny. I didn’t know why I was so unhappy with my life when I had so many things that made up a good life.

Micheline worked with me on every level of my being and I recognized that the changes I was creating were having an affect on all of my relationships. She helped me inside and out!

I am steadier and more composed, like a strong tree with deep roots, rather than that desperate raft tossing in a turbulent sea. I am a much happier me!”

Willa F.

Teacher & Mother of 2 - Arizona, USA

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